The Problem

The current dominant human systems are misaligned with the planet’s capacity to support life as we know it.

The Problem Beneath the Problem

The mechanistic and anthropocentric ways of thinking and being that have generated these extinctionary systems are being used to try to solve the problems they have created.

The Need

Although many agree that rapid changes are needed, focus often remains on exteriors such as technologies, political actions, economic drivers, or social awareness and action. The transition towards regenerative cultures will require a transformation of what it means to be human in the world. Education is strategically positioned to contribute to this needed transition in human consciousness and human cultures. However, much of education currently operates uncritically within the dominant societal paradigm and even perpetuates many of its moribund systems by preparing learners to thrive within them.

The Work

To wisely draw together old and new approaches to education that prioritise whole human development that transcends but includes previous ways of being. Both exterior and interior (objective and subjective) ways of knowing must be included. For this reason, the dominant educational focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics must be integrated with values, meaning structures, ethics, virtues and spirituality.

The Movement

Across many fields of study and practice, awareness is growing of the needed quantum leap in human consciousness. Work within integral studies, transition towns, developmental psychology, nature-cultures, closed loop design, permaculture, post-metaphysics and localism all call for new ways of thinking and being in the world. The articles, videos, posts and events on this website are intended to explore the role of education in this crucial stage of human becoming and the continuing story of life on Earth.

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Conscious Educators Video Series

This video series explores a number of topics within the theme of transitioning education to a larger purpose: whole human development towards more integrated ways of being in a thriving more-than-human world.

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