Intentional Cultural Evolution

For perhaps the first time in human history we are becoming conscious of our participation in our own evolution. For better or worse, we are beginning to understand the influence our thoughts, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and systems have on who we become as a species. No one person or powerful group controls this, it emerges from us all.

In response to this, author and Integral Coach Terry Patten often talks of the need to set intentions for transformation in three areas.

Inner: Soul work, shadow work, spiritual practices, mindfulness, dis-identification with thoughts and beliefs.

Inter: Community work, We Space, collaboration, listening circles.

Outer: Actions, changed behaviours, projects, new systems.

In response to the growing awareness of how our participation in current systems perpetuates racial, economic, social and ecological injustice, I encourage us all to find ways to set new intentions in these three areas, Inner, Inter and Outer.

For more on this, Terry Patten’s book “The New Republic of the Heart” is a great place to start.

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